Zanelli Endorsed by Olga Negron,
Lehigh Valley Women of Influence Award Winner

April 30, Bethlehem, Pa. – Amy Zanelli, candidate for Lehigh County Commissioner District 3, joined the Lehigh Valley Democratic Committee honoring Naomi Winch as the 2017 Volunteer of the Year. 

“Naomi embodies the progressive, grassroots, go-getter, never say die attitude that this party needs to engage the resistance,” Zanelli said.  “With her leadership we can unify the party and we the people can reclaim our rightful place at the table.” 

Zanelli’s campaign was further energized this week with an endorsement from Olga Negron, the 2017 Lehigh Valley Women of Influence Community Achievement Award winner. Negron is a Bethlehem City Council member. Her community achievements will be recognized May 10th at ceremonies at Cedar Crest College. 

Negron said, “Amy Zanelli’s education, work experience with human services, advocacy, and the criminal justice system, and the countless volunteer hours she has dedicated over the years to our seniors and youth makes her the perfect candidate for Lehigh County Commissioner. It’s important to note that she has done all this while raising her 3 daughters and now includes them in her volunteer activities, which has made her an awesome role model and an even stronger candidate. That is why I endorse Amy Zanelli for Lehigh County Commissioner.” 

Several other local leaders have endorsed Zanelli, noting her community involvement, her volunteer activity and her relentless advocacy for seniors and working families. 

 “I believe that Amy Zanelli would serve the citizens of District 3 effectively,” said City of Bethlehem Mayor Bob Donchez.  “She would be a strong voice for West Bethlehem in Lehigh County government and that is why I am supporting her candidacy.”  

As the May 16th Pennsylvania Primary Election nears, Zanelli’s $5 Friday campaign fundraising looks to supporters to help keep the momentum going and contribute.  “Don’t think that little things don’t make a difference,” Zanelli said.  

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