Zanelli Helps Ensure Safe Crossing for Elderly, Disabled at Bathgate Rd. Crosswalk  

May 12, Bethlehem, Pa. – Amy Zanelli, candidate for Lehigh County Commissioner District 3, and a group of Lutheran Manor residents couldn’t be happier that Bethlehem City Police Chief Mark DiLuzio said officers will monitor the traffic and the crossing for the seniors and disabled on Westgate Dr. at Bathgate Rd. as the intersection is assessed for a traffic light or safety crossing signals. 

“We are repainting the crossings so they are more visible,” Chief DiLuzio said. “We will be adding new signage. But, it will take a while,” he said. 

“They want a walk light with a push button. However, they told me that when they called the city, they said it was the Manor’s problem, and when they spoke to the Manor they put it back on the city,” Zanelli said. “I told them that I didn’t know who was responsible but that the quickest way to get something done about it would be to write a bunch of letters, show up in force at a city council meeting, and read them to make them part of the minutes. Well, I’ve been working with them for the last month to do just that.” 

Zanelli assisted the group, some in wheel chairs, as they read letters from Lutheran Manor residents at the May 4th Bethlehem City Council meeting, urging that a safety crossing be installed at the intersection before serious injury or fatality occurred. The residents of Lutheran Manor use the crosswalk to reach Westgate Shopping Mall 

After hearing from Zanelli and the residents, Chief DiLuzio said the Bethlehem Police traffic department will be working with the city streets department and traffic engineer to assess the site.  Traffic survey results would be sent to the state for evaluation for lights for a pedestrian crossing, he said. 

Zanelli, an advocate for Lehigh County senior citizens, when elected will heighten the importance of safety and care issues like this facing the most vulnerable seniors and disabled in the county. 

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