Give It Forward

Most of us have heard the saying, Pay It Forward. The word “pay” is associated almost instantaneously with a monetary connotation. Some don’t have money to give, but we all have something. Give it Forward! Give something of yourself to someone else today. Help a friend with that task they need done, offer your services at no cost, take that extra twenty seconds for the elderly lady next to you that just needs an ear to listen… There are so many ways to give it forward! Too often we are caught up in our own lives and daily routines to realize that someone else is in need. It could be just a fleeting thought that brought a smile to your face simply because you did something for someone as you continued your day. However at the same time, that very unselfishness, that very generosity you just did for that someone could turn out being their biggest blessing. You never know the impact you may have on a life, just by giving it forward.

I would like to highlight the local Lehigh Valley Chapter of Team Red, White and Blue. Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) is a veteran support organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them with their community through physical and social activity. More than two million service men and women have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11, and almost 600,000 have answered the nation’s call more than once. That’s why Team RWB believes that it’s our time – our turn – to give back. We propose a new type of support to wounded veterans, one that is rooted in a willingness to listen to veterans and their families, and aid in their reintegration into the very society that they volunteered to defend and protect. Our community of athletes, advocates and concerned citizens (corporate, non-profit and individual) are all committed to serving those who have served our great nation.

Recently I have had the pleasure of meeting with some of the local RWB members. With the help of O2 Oxyfit Gym, I was able to put together a special HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class which was held on February 7th 2015. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the utilization of power, endurance, strength, agility and cardio performance using different timing and speeds implemented to yield maximized athletic results. O2 Oxyfit Gym also gave each individual member of Team RWB a free week pass to use at both of their facilities located in Macungie and Trexlertown. The team was unstoppable and completed every exercise (varied in difficulty) through sweat, laughter and each other’s support. This team is a family. These men and women are inspiring, they have fought for us and continue to fight for support for their organization and its cause. To help give it forward, learn more, get involved or become a member; please reference the pertaining links below this article.

Check out the pictures and what Lehigh Valley Team Red, White and Blue had to say about O2 Oxyfit Gym and myself! Looking forward to another HIIT class with them in March! Remember, it can be your time that you give. I give a lot of my time and my expertise to others and I find that taking that time, gives me a feeling I want to feel every day! In the end, everyone involved can be blessed with a new experience and a pure kindness from just giving it forward! Give it Forward!



“Oxyfit was very friendly & helpful. The gym has a happy, energetic feel. Tess ROCKS! She’s got a fabulous energy & intense spirit! She’s positive & motivating, but not too militant or pushy! I had a fantastic time kicking my own Derriere!”   Jen

“They were very welcoming and helpful. I felt very comfortable and enjoyed getting my butt kicked!”   Zach

“Tess was great. All of the exercises were pretty intense, and she gave individual feedback and tips to each of us.”   Mary

“The staff at Oxyfit welcomed us right away. I was very impressed with their jam packed class schedule!! The calendar was filled with a wide variety of classes. Gym was very clean, bright, and booming with energy. Tess knows exactly what she is doing! She kicked 6 of our butts at the same time. Hurts so good!”   Michelle

“From the moment I walked in the front door at OxyFit I could feel the positive energy. The staff immediately gave me a warm, friendly welcome and the cleanliness and the amount and diversity of equipment was impressive. When I entered the room for HIIT class, Tess made me feel immediately at ease then put me through an intense but incredibly fun workout. Tess was a rare and perfect blend of motivation and energy without being overbearing. I can’t wait to have Tess put me through the paces again!!”   Chris

“I wouldn’t want anyone else to give us HIIT! You’re [Tess] an amazing trainer! High 5 to Oxyfit Gym letting us to come in whenever to get our butts kicked!!”   Cole



RWB thumbs up

Contact: Tess Barrall