Create Your Mobile Office

Self-employment is common across the country and here in the Lehigh Valley. As many of us leave cubicle life and strike out on our own, we’re discovering that it’s not all about working from home in our bunny slippers. We need to get out, and meet with clients or collaborate with other business owners.

This means that more and more of us are running offices out of our attaches, backpacks, and cars. In my job as a professional organizer, I help my entrepreneurial clients take their show on the road with simplicity and confidence. Here are some of the strategies we use:

  • Make a list of all the types of events you need to be prepared for when on the road. Your list might include meeting with clients, working at a coffee shop or coworking space, or meeting with a prospective business partner.
  • For each type of event, consider the supplies you need. Can you use the same items for each appointment? If so, you need only one bag. If, like me, you need substantially different supplies when meeting with clients versus business partners, you’ll need two bags.
  • Pack for the most likely scenario, not every scenario. By focusing on the essentials, you’ll keep your bag lightweight and easy to use. You’re smart and creative! You can improvise when necessary.
  • Pick a bag. I like attaches that are wide enough to hold my laptop and files. A solid bottom that allows the bag to stand on its own is a bonus. And straps long enough that I can throw the bag over my shoulder. Again, keep it simple. Most entrepreneurs don’t need wheeled luggage for a lunch meeting with a colleague.

Want to learn more about creating your mobile office? Join me at SoBeCoWorks on Tuesday, February 24 at 2pm for a free workshop. I’ll walk you through these steps and even demonstrate my own office-on-the-go. See Facebook event for details.

Next time, I’ll share some hints for setting up a home office that allows you to grab and go. Until then, pack light and stay nimble.

Live simply,