The Lehigh Valley Fitness Network Holds First Conference

Bethlehem PA-The Lehigh Valley Fitness Network (LVFN) announced last week that it will be holding its first business networking conference for its 300 plus members, plus others interested in attending in the community. The purpose of the conference is for the LVFN community to network, share business tips and learn how to be successful in the wellness community in the Lehigh Valley. The conference will also feature multiple keynote speakers from the Lehigh Valley health and wellness industries.

Lisa Drew, owner of Lisa Drew Wellness and Well Fit Fusion, will be the MC of the event. Lisa specializes in holistic wellness, nutrition coaching, and public speaking.

Scott Mulvaney, owner of Live The Fuel, is a stand out leader in the Lehigh Valley in showing businesspeople how to tap into their surrounding opportunities, and in helping them to stand out and get noticed. He will be speaking about creating strategic partnerships with other businesses in the area to produce growth in the Lehigh Valley. He will also share some groundbreaking marketing techniques to immediately grow any business.

David Gritz and/or Justin Mendelson, founders of the Perfect Burpee, a startup. The high performance and slip resistant workout mat designed for athletes doing vigorous training at home, outdoors, or on-the-go. A Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects. Together, creators and backers make projects happen. Learn more here (

Kelly Miller, founder of The Lehigh Valley Wellness guide and author of her forth coming book, Healthy Cooking 101, will be speaking to the conference about the challenges of getting your information out to the general public and the resources available.

Whitney D’Errico, the driving force behind The Work It Out Foundation and co-owner of Liven Up Health & Fitness, will be speaking about The Work It Out Foundation (Project Work It Out). Project Work It Out is a new community resource in the Lehigh Valley dedicated to being a source for local support, awareness and healing for those going through a struggle.

The conference will be held at the Broadway Social restaurant located at 217 Broadway, Bethlehem, PA 18015, on April 18th from 3pm-5pm. Tickets to the event are $20, with 50% of the proceeds plus any other donations going to support The Work It Out Foundation. You can find tickets or donate to the foundation here:

Why You Should Attend:

  1. Are you passionate about health, wellness, and/or fitness?
  2. Do you want to learn more about supporting local non-profits and charities?
  3. Would you like to have a finger on the health pulse of the Lehigh Valley?


About the Lehigh Valley Fitness Network

The LVFN connects health, wellness, and fitness professionals, organizations, and customers in the Lehigh Valley, within a professional atmosphere through mutual support and participation.


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