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First things first yes it is FREE!!! Secondly YES our “Local Listings” and “Spotlight Ad” is FREE!!!

Every local business or non-profit organization in the Lehigh Valley area can sign up for a free listing on The Valley Ledger. You can show case what services your group has to offer and how local people can find out more about your company. Everyone who signs up for a free listing also gets a free week in our spotlight ad which is featured on every article and the main page of the site.

What should you share in your listing?

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Three reasons you should sign up for our free “Local Listing” and “Spotlight Ad”

TARGETED MARKETING!!!  Our site is only about the Lehigh Valley. The traffic to our site is over 97% from the area. Your message is going to be in front of exactly who you want to see it.

BACKLINKS!!!  Adding your information to our site which is all about the Lehigh Valley and only the Lehigh Valley will provide you with a valuable link back to your site. One way search engines rank the quality of your site based on the quality of the pages link to your site. We provide a link from a page about you and on a site that is all about the area your customers are searching for services in.

SOCIAL SHARING!!!  All listings added to the site will be shared on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, and Pinterest. During your spotlight week we also try to pay more attention to your social media feeds and help share whatever you are promoting.

How To Submit

After you send your information to you will be added to our Local Listings section. You will receive and email confirming your addition to the site and be given an approximate date of when you will be featured as our spotlight Local Listing.

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