What to do with those Thanksgiving leftovers – By Joe Scrizzi

Everyone looks forward to Thanksgiving. Thinking about the smells that will soon fill every household from Roasted Turkey to Pumpkin Pies and everything in between! After the holiday passes thoughts of what to do with leftovers comes to mind and I’m asked by family and friends for recipes that can jazz up weekend meals! Leftovers do not take a back seat with me, at times they are the stars of the dish!


Here are some ideas:

* If using canned cranberry sauce vs fresh, mix equal amounts of cranberry sauce with Spicy Brown mustard to create cranberry mustard and use as a condiment for turkey sliders, etc.

* Fresh Cranberries can be rough chopped and frozen in pint containers or zip lock bags for a later use. Fresh cranberries also can be baked with zucchini for sweet breads. Moist & Delicious.

* Leftover bread filling can be converted into a hash with eggs in the mornings, add some bacon to round out your meal.

* Leftover Turkey can be rough chopped to be used in a spinach salad with dried cranberries and a simple Citrus Vinaigrette.

* Turkey Wild Rice Soup, is another idea that comes to mind….Mmmmm, add some mushrooms too!

After writing this, my taste buds are looking forward to leftovers. It’s always good to make a little bit extra.

Bon Appetite!


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