Photos from Ben Folds and yMusic at the Levitt Pavilion

Story & Photographs by Diane Fleischman

Fans filled the lawn area of the Levitt Pavilion Thursday night for Ben Folds and yMusic.  Out on the road  promoting his latest studio release, “So There”,  Folds comes complete with his very portable, small orchestra, yMusic.  As yMusic warmed up the audience, we waited as Folds took the stage, seated behind his piano, and the fun began.   

For any Ben Folds fan, there’s one song that everyone wants to hear, and the fans started their chant for “Rock This Bitch” at the end of the second song.  What makes this song unique is that it is practically re-written with each different city, tailoring the lyrics to that particular town.  Bethlehem was no exception as he added lyrics regarding the Steel Stacks, and the crowd laughed and clapped along. 

By all definition, Folds fits nicely into a pop music category, and what made this concert a bit more diverse was the addition of yMusic.  Here, the instruments added depth and allowed the vocals to rise and float above the melodic tunes.  For fans young and old, this was a remarkable performance,  perfect for a warm summer night.