Splintered Sunlight at Musikfest Café takes Grateful Dead fans back to February 9th, 1973

Photos & Story by: Kimberly Kanuck

The date is February 9th, 1973. The Grateful Dead was performing at the Roscoe Maples Pavilion at Stanford University. Thanks to Philadelphia-based Splintered Sunlight, fans are able to travel back in time to re-live live performances of Grateful Dead shows such as this one. Splintered Sunlight has established a 4-week residency at Musikfest Café, performing a different Grateful Dead show each Thursday night. Last night, Splintered Sunlight performed their interpretation of the entire 2/9/73 Grateful Dead Show. Overall it was a very happy and positive vibe in this intimate concert setting, where deadheads were able to sing and dance along to their favorite Grateful Dead tunes. From their rocking “Promised Land” opener to the fan favorite and well-known  “Casey Jones” encore, Splintered Sunlight showed immense stamina playing nearly four hours. As one fan put is best, they “did the Grateful Dead honor.” Splintered Sunlight will perform at Musikfest Cafe again next Thursday at 8pm.


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