ART FEST 2016 held at Cedar Beach thrived despite the rain

Story & Photos By: Janel Spiegel

The Alternative Gallery/ The Cigar Factory presented: ART FEST 2016 held at Cedar Beach thrived despite the rain. The three day art festival featured some of the most talented artist. It was from September 30-October 2nd.  The crowd ventured out all three days and listened to music, drank and saw some incredible art. The artist got the crowd and the kids involved by setting up extra art supplies so the kids could paint with the artist. Brandon Wunder, Bernie Reinert and Jessica Echevarria of The Alternative Gallery worked hard along with volunteers to set everything up for the three day event.


Derek Ortiz with his Joker

Melissa Charles with her stand MEL’S ART

Harold Siegried with his Service Dog Tails of Valor: Paws of Honor

Michael Bilski and Elizabeth Spiegel


  • Puerto Rican Cultural Preservation
  • Big Poppa’s BBQ
  • Gosia’s Pierogies
  • Coffee House Without Limits
  • E-ZEE Concessions
  • Humpty Dumplings
  • Snowie Allentown
  • Hai Street Kitchen
  • Colony Meadery
  • Saucony Creek
  • Funk Brewing Company
  • HiJinx
  • Fegley’s Brew Works
  • Sly Fox Beer


  • HaggieVitae Studios
  • Frockks
  • Heaven’s Honey
  • The Blue Easel
  • Willow Street Pictures
  • 3D Reactions
  • Filament Innovations
  • Lost Soul Skateboards
  • Sons of Allentown
  • Laurel’s Garden Handmade Soaps
  • Ink & Steal Tattoo
  • Mel’s Art
  • Reality Crafts
  • Lehigh Valley Phantoms
  • Bathfitter
  • Kitchen Saver
  • LVAC
  • Chris P. Jones
  • Carolina Hanna
  • Anna Killea
  • Nikki O.
  • Kate Santee
  • Tarot By Kathi
  • Lucky 7 Foot Prod.
  • Out Of This World Fashion
  • Garrett Curry
  • Lillie Brosky
  • Bernadette Designs
  • Rachel Behm
  • Brittney Bilheimer
  • Baba Berthe
  • Muso Masiri
  • Hilltop Candle
  • Green Mountain Energy
  • Alex Clare
  • Non-Profits
  • Pig Placement Network
  • LV Girls Rock
  • Goddard School
  • Community Partners 4 Kids
  • Meano
  • Else
  • Joe Oner
  • Deco
  • Sicks
  • Mek One
  • See TF
  • Distort
  • Acroe
  • Yes
  • Menas
  • SNX
  • Dafse
  • Jerms
  • Topaz
  • Demer
  • Kenki
  • Meres
  • Grym
  • Feln


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