Stockings for Soldiers Cantelmi Long Veteran’s Remembrance Service November 10, 2017


Let’s Support Our Troops!

Please join Cantelmi Funeral Home & Cantelmi Long Funeral Home in supporting our Troops through the 2017 Stockings for Soldiers Project.

Stockings for Soldiers is a community effort to send personalized Holiday greetings to our brave young men and women in uniform who are serving our Country in various parts of the world.

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How Can You Help?

There will be a box to deposit your donation at the 10th Annual Veteran Service – 2:00 p.m. Friday, November 10, 2017 at Cantelmi Long Funeral Home, 500 Linden Street, Bethlehem, PA.  Your donations and support are appreciated. We will be collecting the items listed below.

Suggested Donation Items (red items are most in demand)

Small candy

  • Mini-candy bars
  • Christmas/Halloween candy
Small (8 oz. or less) individually packaged meals

  • Tuna/lasagna/beefaroni/fruit
  • Smaller package (8oz or less) preferred
Paperback books (no romance novels) Cookies/nuts/pretzels/trail mix (less than 12 oz. size)
Ramen noodle soup

  • Cup of Noodles are too large
 Flavored drink mixes (single packets)

  • Lemonade, teas, hot cocoa, coffee
Toothbrushes & small toothpastes Moleskin (Dr. Scholl’s, etc.)
Razors (individual or packs) BLACK or WHITE crew socks
Granola/Fruit/Breakfast bars Dog items for our K9 heroes (toys, treats, food)
Slim Jims/beef jerky Fruit roll-ups/gushers/Cracker Jacks
Chewing gum DVD movies/music CDs
Hand/foot warmers/fly swatters ChapStick & lip balms
Toiletries & lotions (small package) Baby wipes, foot powder, sun block
Pocket games & puzzles Crossword, Sudoku

 Please note:

  • No aerosol cans or bars of soap please
  • Small, individual-sized packaging is preferred (to fit into the individually packed stockings). They do accept all sized packages and containers as donations – the larger items are sent to the units for snacking.

Holiday Greeting Cards!

Send a personal holiday message of support and friendship! You may want to include your return address/email, you might hear back from a soldier (but you don’t have to).

Information provided to TVL By:
Sandy Engler
Cantelmi-Long Funeral Homes