INTERVIEW WITH ANN FISHER: Sylvester’s Legacy of Pit Bull Awareness – By: Janel Spiegel

Interview By: Janel Spiegel


Ann Fisher recently adopted a dog that The Valley Ledger wrote an article about!  You may know him as “Hercules” but Ann and his new family named him Sarge.  Ann started Sylvester’s Legacy of Pit Bull Awareness.  She is going to be a part of the upcoming event,  The Bow Wow Express is done in support of Hillside SPCA

Please tell us about this event? 

The Bow Wow Express is done in support of Hillside SPCA. Dogs can ride the trains that day and the money from their “ticket” benefits Hillside. We go out and set up Sylvester’s Legacy of Pit Bull Awareness to hand out educational information to help them get some of their Pit Bulls adopted.

Please tell people why you believe it is important to adopt? 

It’s important to adopt instead of buy a dog because of the millions of healthy dogs that are euthanized in shelters because no one wanted them.

What are you hoping to accomplish with the Bow Wow Express?

We hope to change people’s minds about the bully breeds and help get some adopted. Even if we can change just one person’s mind it can snowball from there.

You are highly dedicated and have helped the animals.  What do you want people to know about rescue dogs /cats animals in general?

Just because a dog or cat is in the shelter doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them. I believe they just didn’t start off where they were meant to be. I personally believe every dog or cat that I have rescued from the shelters was meant to live with us in this house.

Why is it important to support Bow Wow Express?   

It’s important to support the Bow Wow Express because Hillside SPCA is a non-profit that runs on donations and they get a lot of hardship cases in. There will be a second Bow Wow Express November 4th. Other events that we are currently signed up for include Luzerne County SPCA’s Pet Expo in Kingston on April 28th & 29th,  Paw Prints on the Canal in Northampton on June 3rd, Pittie Palooza Festival in Olyphant on June 9th, and Honeyfest-An Adoption and Bully Breed Awareness Event in York on June 16th. These are the confirmed events so far.

With our “mascot” Bella, who is a certified therapy dog and certified canine good citizen. Rescued from death row in NYC



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