Photos from Godsmack w/ Another Day Dawns & Like A Storm at Musikfest 2017 – by: Kimberly Kanuck

Photos & Story by: Kimberly Kanuck

The Southside of Bethlehem was filled with the sounds of hard rock and heavy metal last night as Musikfest entered into its sixth night of performances. Another Day Dawns (from our very own Lehighton, PA) and Like A Storm kicked off the show. Both bands brought high energy, strong vocals, and powerful guitars, which got the fans hyped up for the main act. When Godsmack took the stage, fans were more than ready to bang their heads, sing along, and throw up the horns! For those unfamiliar with Godsmack, they have had three consecutive number-one albums (Faceless, IV, and The Oracle) on the Billboard 200. They also had over 20 top ten hits. They played many of these popular hit songs like “Voodoo,” “Awake,” and “I Stand Alone.” The band did a great job engaging with the audience throughout the show. At different times they asked their fans to sing along and even to start swaying to the music so that they could capture footage for an upcoming video. This was their last live performance before they return to the studio to record their 7th album in October. Godsmack made sure to bring their passion and energy into this last show and did not disappoint fans. They even had pyrotechnics and fireworks to go out with a bang!


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