KidsPeace’s Healing Magazine Examines Benefits of Pets, Animals and Nature in Fall/Winter 2019 Issue

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SCHNECKSVILLE, PA (December 2, 2019) – Two out of three American households own a pet, so it’s no surprise that many of us find personal enjoyment and emotional support through caring for these creatures.  In its Fall/Winter 2019 issue, KidsPeace’s Healing Magazine examines the therapeutic benefits of pets, animals and nature, through a range of inspiring stories:

  • Organizations in Georgia and Pennsylvania are using the strong and mysterious attraction between people and horses to teach at-risk youth life lessons in empathy and kindness.
  • A program using nature to teach science and literacy finds a new purpose in helping elementary school students unlock their social-emotional learning potential.
  • An enthusiastic (four-legged) correspondent named S’Morris explains what he had to do – and NOT do – to become a certified therapy dog.
  • And an animal shelter director explains how a dying stray dog named Old Man Fred helped teach her a lesson in how to live.


Published twice a year, Healing Magazine is KidsPeace’s flagship publication, providing practical and clinical information to families and children’s professionals.  Also in the latest issue:

  • Advice for parents on the importance of sleep to children’s development, and ways to help your child manage a food allergy
  • Why we all need to listen better (and not just wait till it’s our turn to talk…)
  • How KidsPeace helps its healthcare workers manage their own stress and anxiety, through exercises designed to combat compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma
  • And tips for teachers on how to relate to kids who have experienced trauma in their lives.

The new issue is available now on, where users can download the whole issue or selected articles, and subscribe to receive paper copies of future issues.


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Information Provided By:
Robert Martin
Director of Communications