Chaos to Calm: About Pets… By Carrie Beleno



This is the third in a five-part series this week about the topics that motivate my clients to see me, the topics that weigh heaviest on their hearts and prevent them from living life to its fullest. It is my hope that just one nugget of my truth resonates with your soul and brings you comfort…

About Pets:

Truth #1: Pets are pure love energy. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that, true? If you’ve ever experience having a pet, there was probably a measure of unconditional love attached to it. And therein lies our dilemma: WE are rarely pure love energy. We get involved and attached to the lower vibrating energies of the game of life and often miss what our pets are trying to teach us. (As I write this, my darling cat Binx is standing on the keyboard desperately trying to get me to notice her instead of working, butting her head against mine and shoving her wet nose against my face). Notice and accept their unconditional love!


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