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Gallows Hill Spirits Co.

The Sturgeon Full Moon Celebration

Gallows Hill Spirits Co.

Thursday, August 11, 2022.

8:00 PM

2208 South 12th Street

Allentown, PA


Here’s to dancing under the full moon.

Sometimes in life, you need to sit outside under the full moon with some of the best people you’ll ever meet in life. Chris Bogden and Reverend Bea hosted The Sturgeon Full Moon Celebration. Gallows Hill Spirits Co. is owned by Bob Piano. It’s a great place to chill with friends, have some great spirits, and take in the ambiance.

There is a lot going on. Bethlehem is celebrating Musikfest. (Gallows Hill Spirits is also part of Musikfest at the Chocolate Lab in Bethlehem. So, check them out.)

The full moon ceremony was held outside on this beautiful evening, and the theme for the night was, “In A Perfect World…” We certainly don’t live in a perfect world but being grateful and finding your happiness is possible in life. Life can be hard enough for people. There is chaos in the world and yet at Gallows, a group of amazing people gathered and fully celebrated the full moon, The Sturgeon Full Moon Celebration.

Reverend Bea and Chris hosted this event. They made it joyful and genuine. Reverend Bea has this endless tenacity and positivity you don’t see in many people. I know a few, one in particular who is certainly magical. Reverend Bea introduced the celebration. I’ve been to many events, I’ve met many people in life, I’ve celebrated the moon, and have a love for the moon in general. Friends gathered as Reverend Bea explained the celebration the way only, she can, with gusto and a dash of enchantment. Bea had everyone participate which was a lot of fun. People read poetry, she had us shaking, dancing, and singing.

It’s fascinating to watch the moon rise, and settle over Gallows. It’s almost as if the moon feels the love and appreciation just as much as some of us do. Chris taught us a dance so we could all “Dance under the moon.” It was certainly an unforgettable moment. That’s what life should be about. We all rush and work. So many people are searching for something in life. We are expected to just settle in many ways.

No one settles at the full moon celebration. The enchantment of it all is something that makes you smile. There is no nonsense and no one is judged. If you are new, you are always welcomed at Gallows. Gallows served familiar spirits tonight including: Witch’s Tea, it is available for sale in cans to-go. Bob Piano does tours, and you can do tastings. Gallows is perfect for events, parties, weddings, if you love Halloween, you will LOVE Gallows.

It’s the people though, it’s Reverend Bea, and her love and honesty. The excitement she has for what she does, and Chris is like a brightly lit star just chilling with the moon. There is constant divination within this group of people. The Sturgeon Full Moon Celebration was a celebration of all beings including the creepy crawlers, birds in the sky, the humans that surround us, nature that intertwines us with everything. Look at your thumbprint some time and look at a tree that is cut.

Gallows has quite a few events coming up and if you’re looking for a fun Halloween celebration, Gallows has one of the best ones. Gallows also has Trivia nights on Wednesday hosted by Big Productions, and Music Trivia Bingo also hosted by Big Productions. Gallows also has Game Night every Thursday. Keep an eye on social media.

The Sturgeon Full Moon Celebration was amazing. Here’s to dancing under the full moon.

From The Event Invite on Facebook:

“In A Perfect World…. A Full Moon Celebration of Change! Today all sentient beings are experiencing some level of difficulty. Forests are burning, food and supplies are scarce and people are fighting. Have you paused and thought ‘In a perfect world, things would be different if….’ only to feel helpless because the answers seem impossible?

On Thursday, August 11 at 8 pm we invite you to bring your talents to Gallows Hills Spirit Co. in Allentown to come together as a community as we share all our answers in an: Open Mic Night to the Full Moon entitled: ‘In A Perfect World’
Tonight, each of YOU will bring your magic to our sacred ‘stage.’ Sing! Dance! Read poetry! Write a paragraph! Share! The theme is ‘In a perfect world…..’ and within your magical ‘spellcast’ tell us how you would change this world to make it more accepting, more friendly, more loving….more perfect.
Each ‘spellcast’ should be 3 minutes or less so everyone will have a chance to contribute to ‘change.’
What is the point of all this?’ The full moon is the night of completion. It’s the night when the energies of what we have worked towards are lifted to the Universe by Divine Feminine to become our true intention. By using your voice, the hope is the Divine Mother will hear our collective consciousness. And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, we can start to make a change…. Towards a more perfect world. “And let it be so <3”

Weather permitting, we will be outside under the Supermoon.
Bring a chair, an instrument to play, & comfortable shoes to dance! But most importantly, bring your unique talent, whatever you are called to do, and help raise the collective consciousness on this auspicious evening. Everyone will get moon water to take with them, charged by Goddess & the Moon, altar and spell casts!”