Wrenchtec Partners Acquire Forks Diner for Expansion

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FORKS TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania _ Partners Dave Fiore and Sherief Elsamra have purchased the old Forks Diner at 3315 Sullivan Trail as a second location for their full-service auto repair business. They paid $650,000 for the nearly 5,000 square-foot diner and plan to convert it into a 6-bay auto repair shop.

Lehigh Financial Group, LLC in Allentown arranged more than $1,000,000 for the partners to acquire the property and convert it into a second shop. The new auto repair business will be called Your Mechanic PA, LLC.

Best friends, Fiore and Elsamra had been looking for a second location to accommodate their growing repair business for some time when their real estate agent Kristie Bauder of Iron Valley Real Estate of the Lehigh Valley informed them that the former diner was on the market.

“Because we were doing well in our first location, we wanted to expand our services to Forks Township,” Fiore said.

Fiore and Elsamra opened their first auto repair shop, Wrenchtec at 20 E. Lawn Road in Nazareth, four years ago. It has 4 bays. Its mechanics do everything from maintenance to automotive repairs and specialty part installations.

Lehigh Financial Group helped the partners secure financing for their first business venture and the partners knew the team at LFG would be ideal to help them with financing for their expansion.

The partners hope to complete the construction and open the new shop by early spring.

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