GEDP & Overtown Media + Arts Team Up to Unveil Kids’ Banners at the West Ward Market During a Special Reception

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Funded by the West Ward Community initiative (GEDP), has been working with Overton Media + Arts to support the cost of printing for a special children’s photography project that encompasses (14) 4X4 banners. The banners will feature the children’s creative images as they will be hung on the chain link fence surrounding Cottingham Stadium. The official installation and unveiling of these symbolic pieces of art  was  Wednesday, May 31st, at 4:30 pm.

Inside Outside World is a series of images made by young artists in a photography workshop at the Easton Area Community Center. Workshop participants learned about the history of portrait photography, and looked at work by contemporary artists working in portraiture to inspire their own portraits and self-portraits while learning techniques of composition, staging, lighting and color.
In our selfie-saturated world, the young artists investigated ways that intentional and thoughtful images can create meaning and reflect both how we feel on the inside and how we want to be represented to the outside. Combining images made with digital cameras and black and white Polaroid film the artists identified some themes running through their work, including themes of nature, reflection, and “inside/outside” framing that led them to design the title of the exhibit.

“We see this as the first of many projects aimed at engaging the children of the West Ward. In the West Ward, children ages 5-17 make up more than 23% of the population so we look forward to future photo projects designed where we help them develop a sense of pride in their neighborhood.  We see the West Ward Market as a gathering space for all members of the community, and especially children who are so involved in our other programming like the YMCA, Community Bike Works, Easton Garden Works, POP and more.” insights Tanya, Manager of West Ward Community Initiative.

The West Ward Market is open 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. Wednesdays through September

The West Ward Market (  is a collaboration between the Easton Market District and the West Ward Community Initiative. The Market provides fresh, high-quality food products directly to consumers and strives to support local agriculture as well as West Ward businesses.

” The Inside Outside World project provides an opportunity for these young artists to celebrate their creativity and showcase their work to their peers and the public – including the ten thousand plus shoppers that will visit the market over the course of the season!” – Megan McBride, Easton Market District Director.


Information Provided By:
Jessica Schirripa