Healing Magazine Special Issue Examines Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

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KidsPeace’s COVID-19 Response Also Featured in First All-Digital Edition


SCHNECKSVILLE, PA (July 30, 2020) – It’s perhaps the biggest barrier to effective mental health care in America – the stigma that society places around the issue of mental illness. For the first time, KidsPeace’s Healing Magazine is devoting an entire issue to a single topic: Combating Stigma.

The Summer 2020 issue is now available online at www.healingmagazine.org. It includes articles that explore stigma from a variety of perspectives:

  • How stigma affects outcomes, even among those who are currently being treated for mental or behavioral health issues;
  • The effects of stigma in various communities – from LGBT individuals to members of Christian congregations to families with autistic children;
  • How media portrayals could take on the stigma of mental illness more effectively, and how parents can do the same by choosing their words carefully;
  • What policymakers at the state and Federal levels are doing to address the issue;
  • And how an acclaimed actress’s inspirational idea is helping young people learn to combat mental health stigma in their schools.


The Summer 2020 edition of Healing Magazine also has a special report from KidsPeace President and CEO Michael Slack on the response to the COVID-19 pandemic from the organization and its employees.

Healing Magazine is published twice a year by KidsPeace, and features information for clinical professionals, parents, teachers and anyone who has an interest in seeing young people grow and thrive in today’s world.

The Summer 2020 edition is the first all-digital issue in the magazine’s history; both the full magazine and each of its articles are available for download or sharing at www.healingmagazine.org. In addition, individuals interested in receiving future issues of Healing Magazine in hard copy form can subscribe for free at the website.

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Information Provided By:
Robert Martin
Director of Communications