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Igloo Cryotherapy is an all natural treatment center which focus’s on Health & Wellness, Beauty & Anti Aging and Recovery & Performance. Some of our services include Whole Body Cryotherapy. WBC was developed in 1978 to help treat Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis it was later redeveloped in Europe for Sports Performance and Athletic Recovery. Through 3 decades WBC has helped people who suffer from auto immune diseases, chronic pain and inflammation, mood, stress, sleep and beauty & anti aging. It was then introduced to the United States helping those who suffer get treated in an all Natural Way! Many major sporting facilities such as Dalles Mavericks, Green Bay packers, Pittsburg Steelers all use WBC to help speed up recovery time to gain the competitive edge over the competition. Many big names such as Lebron James, Flyod Mayweather, Tony Robbins, Dr OZ all are big supporters of this Alternative Treatment. Igloo Cryotherapy also Provides Compression therapy and Massage therapy!


4626 Broadway Allentown PA 18104 (next to harbor freight)

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Phone: 610-351-9222

Email: igloocryo@gmail.com