Retriever Brewing Company to Open the Retriever Brewing Compound at Popular Wedding Venue

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Orefield, Pennsylvania (April 16, 2021) – Retriever Brewing Company (“RBC”), a new Pennsylvania craft brewery, will be taking over Willow Tree Grove in Orefield, PA located at 2844 Township Line Road, Orefield, PA 18069.


RBC will be taking over the entire 5.5-acre property, which we will be branding as the Retriever Brewing Compound.  Within the Retriever Brewing Compound, RBC will be operating an 8,000 sf building currently used as the main wedding venue that will be the Beer Hall, a 2,000 sf pub building that will be the Pub and Pool Deck, and a 5,000 sf garage which will house RBC’s brewing operations and storage.  The Beer Hall will be the primary location, with the Pub and Pool Deck being utilized when the Beer Hall is closed for an event.  The Pub and Pool Deck will otherwise be reserved for private events/parties of up to 50 people.

In addition, there will be ample outside seating at the three large patios attached to the Beer Hall, a pool deck with outside seating surrounding the pool at the Pub and Pool Deck, and the Beer Garden, which will consist of picnic tables and fire pits.  As a craft beer brand dedicated to dogs, we will welcome all well-behaved dogs to our outdoor seating areas and will permit service animals inside of our buildings as required by law.

RBC will be partnering with a food vendor to have food options available throughout the Retriever Brewing Compound.  Additionally, RBC will have live music, events, and other activities to be announced as we get closer to opening.

Over the next two months, RBC will be making minor renovations to the Beer Hall, Pub and Pool Deck, and Beer Garden


RBC will be taking over the Willow Tree Grove event business, and will continue to operate weddings, large and small events, and event rentals at the Retriever Brewing Compound.  RBC fans will not be stopped from enjoying RBC beers due to an event, however, as the multiple buildings and outdoor seating areas on at the Retriever Brewing Compound will make it possible to keep RBC beer flowing even if one of the buildings will be closed to the public for an event.  To learn more about Willow Tree Grove, or to inquire about your next event, please visit

The goal to open the Retriever Brewing Compound to the public will be in June or July, so stay tuned to our social media pages (@retrieverbrewco) and subscribe to our newsletter at to see the news first.


RBC will continue to sell its beer and merchandise through its shipping program, RBC Direct.  Currently, beer can be shipped to customers in Pennsylvania, with more states coming soon, and merchandise is available for shipping to all 50 states.  Check out our existing merchandise offerings at, and sign up for our newsletter to find out about our future beer releases.

Merchandise sales are live now on RBC’s website,  All merchandise sales will help in getting the future RBC Taproom open sooner!


RBC fans and enthusiasts can join the Retriever Club, our very own membership club!  Members of the #RetrieverClub, which will have an annual fee of $65 per person, will receive:

– 10% off Purchases at RBC Direct

– 5% off Purchases at RBC Compound

– Members-Only Teku Glass

– Exclusive pre-sale access for new beer releases

All members of the Retriever Club must be 21+ to join.  For more information on the Retriever Club, or to join, please visit RBC’s website at


RBC will be gearing up for its opening in June or July and is now accepting applications for the following positions:

– Beverage Manager

– Bartender

– Server

Whether you have experience in the hospitality industry or not, we want to hear from you!  Please submit your information and a brief resume at






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