Make the Road Responds to House Passage of the Build Back Better Bill

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(November 19, 2021) — Following the passage of the Build Back Better legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives, Make the Road—an organization with tens of thousands of members across Connecticut, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania—issued the following statement:

“While we recognize that the Build Back Better package includes important economic and environmental justice priorities, it is disappointing for immigrant communities that House Democrats have failed to include a path to citizenship to immigrant communities. The legislation passed by the House includes only temporary protections for those who qualify, falling short of what our communities truly deserve. To truly build back better, temporary solutions will not suffice; undocumented immigrants deserve citizenship.

“For decades—and continuously during this year’s negotiations—immigrants have organized, marched, rallied, and engaged their members of Congress to make it abundantly clear that permanent protections were long overdue to millions of undocumented people across the country. Immigrants are part of the bedrock of our communities and economy, and risked our lives as essential workers throughout the pandemic. Permanent protections are vital to continue to live in the country we call home, and to step out of the shadows without fear of being separated from our loved ones.

“The fight for citizenship is not over. All eyes are now on the Senate Majority Leader Schumer, who must lead the Senate Democratic caucus and make things right. Senate Democrats and Vice President Harris can and must disregard the parliamentarian’s advisory opinion and move forward with delivering on their promise for a pathway to citizenship. They must use all of their power to ensure a pathway to citizenship is included in the Senate version of the bill.”

Make the Road Pennsylvania is the largest Latinx organization in the state of Pennsylvania. With 10,000 members, we are dedicated to organizing the working class in Latinx communities, building power for justice.

Information provided to TVL by:
Melissa McCleery