Central Elementary Holiday Drive

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R. L. Reppert, Inc. has partnered with Central Elementary School to organize a holiday drive to collect basic necessities and food items for low-income families in the Allentown School District again this year.

The holiday season is hard enough on families but these students feel that pressure more than most due to the lack of basic necessities. When the students were asked by their teachers what they wanted for Christmas, most of them said food or basic necessities.

“I do not believe that any child should go without the basic necessities or food in this day and age. Every child deserves the best start to create the brightest future.”, stated Ric Reppert, President of R. L. Reppert.

Some of these students rely on the school for breakfast and lunch during the school year because without it, they do not eat these meals. During the Christmas break, these students will struggle to get the food they need. We have all joined together to ensure these students do not go without food during the Christmas break and have the basic necessities they need. Every child deserves the best start to create the brightest future.

With the tremendous support of everyone involved, R. L. Reppert will be donating over 30,000 items for the 700 students of Central Elementary School. Plus additional bags of food for all the homeless families at Central Elementary School.

Information provided to TVL by:
Ric Reppert
President of R. L. Reppert, Inc.