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Review and photo by  Janel Spiegel 

Paranormal Cirque

May 28, 2022

May 26-June 5, 2022

Lehigh Valley Mall

250 Lehigh Valley Mall

Whitehall, PA 18052

Paranormal Cirque was set up under an ominous sky. (I was happy to go with my friends, we had a blast) People came out to see what type of shenanigans Paranormal Cirque had to offer.  The Paranormal Cirque tour stopped in the Lehigh Valley in the parking lot behind The Lehigh Valley Mall. Crowds showed up and took a million pictures with everything they could outside. The skull bench, the skull water fountain. Everything was illuminated and decked out in different shades of red, black, blue, fuchsia, and colors that gave it the ambiance Paranormal Cirque was going for.

(Paranormal Cirque was started by Italian entrepreneur Manuel Rebecchi.)

They had an awesome Haunt set up before you walk inside to the actual show inside the tent. The staff was awesome, helpful, and funny. They sold merchandise, and snacks.

We went inside to our seats, and it wasn’t long before a BOOMING voice started, music from Silent Hill, was playing. But back to the leader of this darkly colorful macabre place. He came out and played up his character, and then introduced some amazingly talented acrobatic, gymnastics zombies. There was a nice homage to Vincent Price and Michael Jackson. They played some great music.

I won’t go too into detail because you should experience it for yourself. There was a bit with the audience involved. A hilarious gentleman came out on stage dressed as a nun. He was too funny. He interacted with the audience and brought people onstage. They were good sports and had fun.

They did a lot including the Wheel of Judgement, they did talk a little bit about the destruction and chaos that humans have caused over the years. How humans are constantly at war and there is never truly peace. It made sense, and was certainly fitting for how chaotic the world is. In my days so far, I’ve been to some of the most elaborate Haunts, paranormal investigations, events, and locations that you can possibly conjure up. Paranormal Cirque was fun and definitely a distraction from everyday life.

I won’t give away anymore spoilers because you should experience Paranormal Cirque for yourself. I will say the cast did a phenomenal job; it must be euphoric to fly through the air over an audience while listening to music.

Being an acrobat seems like a dream job. They incorporated magic, acrobatics, entertainment, comedy, dark comedy and drama, MUSIC, lots of sexiness, fun, and more.

I would say go and see Paranormal Cirque. It’s a blast.