BUCKNELL STEALS THE VICTORY FROM LEHIGH WITH A FINAL SCORE 19-17 | Story & Photographs by Diane Fleischman

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Story & Photographs by Diane Fleischman

On a perfect fall day, the game started full of hope and incomplete passes.   The Bucknell Bisons made a first quarter interception, which ignited a strong defense for The Lehigh Mountain Hawks, as the first quarter ended scoreless for both teams.
The second quarter started the same, with less than five minutes left in the half, The Bisons picked off another interception deep in The Mountain Hawks territory, and this time, successfully scored a touchdown and field goal as they entered the scoreboard first. The Mountain Hawks were determined to close the half with points on the board, and were able to score a field goal as the quarter closed, 7-3.
The third quarter started off with a bang, as The Bisons kicked off, the kicker fumbled the ball a bit, which resulted in a shallow kick as The Mountain Hawks recovered the ball in Bison territory and scored their first touchdown and field goal within the first three minutes of the quarter. The Mountain Hawks confidently took the lead of 10-7 that would take them to the fourth quarter. But as this third quarter continued, the common theme quickly became penalty flags. Yellow flags hit the ground for both teams, and after one play, both teams were penalized.
As the last quarter began, a change was in the air, the Bisons surged on to gain a field goal early in the quarter to tie the game. Perhaps a little too close for comfort, The Mountain Hawks recovered with a touchdown and field goal to regain the lead, 17-10. Unfortunately, this would be their last score of the game.
The Bisons scored another touchdown, while their attempt for a field goal was denied by The Mountain Hawks strong defense, as the Bisons trailed 17-16. The Mountain Hawks continued it’s iron clad defense against the Bisons, there would be no more touchdowns. The relentless Bisons broke down The Mountain Hawks force field and managed to score a field goal, which brought the final score to 19-17, a victory for Bucknell’s Bisons.


1st 2nd 3rd 4th F
Bucknell 0 7 0 12 19
Lehigh 0 3 7 7 17

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