Former Heroin Addict Turned Inspirational Speaker Embarks on 500-Mile Biking Challenge for Troubled Youth

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PHILADELPHIA & LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa & ASHEVILLE, NC (September 15, 2023)  –  In a remarkable journey of redemption and hope, Westley Morris, a former Philadelphia-area homeless man, is gearing up to pedal 500 miles to transform the lives of troubled youth. The biking challenge, known as the Fire Pit 500, is scheduled to kick off on October 1, 2023, along the picturesque Blue Ridge Parkway trail. Each day, Morris will cover a grueling fifty miles, symbolizing the ups and downs of his life’s extraordinary journey.

Morris, recognized as the 2023 Influential Man of the Year by Lehigh Valley Style magazine, emerged from the depths of addiction and homelessness. At a tender age of 23, he was a homeless heroin addict, selling bottled water for a mere dollar on Philadelphia highways. However, through sheer determination and unwavering commitment, Mr. Morris not only turned his life around but also revolutionized business practices for a struggling Lehigh Valley company. Westley’s innovative strategies led to securing sports training contracts with prestigious clients such as the NY Giants and Olympic athletes.

Fire Pit Ranch, the beneficiary of Morris’s fundraising efforts, identifies, equips, inspires, and empowers kids without role models. The biking challenge is approximately 500 miles in total, and Westley will ride 50 miles per day. As with most transformations, Westley will be taking on this journey solo without “spotters” or a  medical team. Supporters may follow along his travels on the Blue Ridge Parkway via @westleymorrisinspires on all social media platforms.

“The Fire Pit 500 is not just a cycling challenge; it’s a beacon of hope for troubled youth,” explains Westley Morris, The Fire Pit 500 challenge creator. “This 500-mile journey represents the distance many young lives need to travel to overcome obstacles.”

Morris is seeking sponsorship and donation partners to provide essential support along the way, including lodging, meals, refueling snacks, safety equipment, and much more. Additionally, there is a heartwarming initiative to donate bicycles to 200 young boys upon arrival at Fire Pit Ranch. Visit to “Join the Journey of Transformation”.

Westley will speak at Northampton County’s “Live. Be. Well, A Community Empowerment Event” at Easton Area Middle School on September 30, 2023, which marks The Fire Pit 500 kick-off celebration.

About Westley Morris Inspires

Growing up around an immense amount of violence, crime, prostitution, drug use, and divorce, Westley Morris developed very low self-esteem, harboring anger and resentment towards himself and others. Westley turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with his emotions at the age of 13. Through the process of change and development, in his mid-20’s, he began to change his habits, circle of influence, and mindset. Since 2015, Westley has grown 3 successful businesses and has helped thousands of people to believe that what once seemed impossible is now possible. Morris is a father, husband, entrepreneur, life and business coach, inspirational speaker, motivator, and community leader. Westley Morris travels the world with his gift of inspiration through his tell-all memoir of hope, resilience, perseverance, determination, and commitment. Visit to “Join the Journey of Transformation”.

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