Northampton County – Awarding of $649,343 in Livable Landscape Grants

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County Executive Lamont G. McClure and the Parks and Recreation Division are pleased to announce that Northampton County Council voted to approve Executive McClure’s 2024 Livable Landscape Grant plan by a vote of 9-0 at the Thursday, June 20th meeting. County Council approved all grant projects presented for a total grant award of $649,343.

The County’s Livable Landscapes Grant Program priorities include land conservation, ecological restoration, education and outreach, municipal park development and rehabilitation, and regional trails. All potential applicants participated in a mandatory grant workshop and individualized meetings.

Six applicants submitted eligible projects recommended for grant award approval from a review committee in the Division of Parks and Recreation, the Parks, Recreation, Open Space Advisory Board, County Council Energy, Environment, and Land Use Committee, and County Council.

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“Through initiatives like the Northampton County Livable Landscapes Grants, we are able to safeguard our open spaces and empower our municipalities and non-profit organizations to protect the County’s important natural features and provide outdoor recreation for future generations,” says County Executive McClure.

“Through the dedicated funding from County Council, we can provide our municipalities with the funds to assist their immediate residents and improve the environment. Though most of these go directly to our municipalities, they also implement the goals we strive to perfect in our County park system,” said Bryan Cope, Superintendent of Parks & Recreation.

“We commend the grant recipients on high-quality projects,” remarks Sherry Acevedo, Conservation Coordinator and Livable Landscapes Grant Administrator. “Unified themes included improvements to accessibility, stormwater management, outdoor recreation, green infrastructure, and trails. We are very pleased to be a funding partner for the acquisition of a trail gap in the City of Bethlehem, recognized by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources as one of PA DCNR’s top 10 Trail Gaps in the state.”

The grant projects were consistent with the goals and recommendations of the Livable Landscapes – An Open Space Plan for Northampton County and other local, regional, and statewide plans. Since 2006, Northampton County has invested $21 million of Livable Landscapes in grant awards for land conservation, ecological restoration, streambank stabilization, regional trails, parks, recreation, open space plans, and municipal park development and rehabilitation.


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