New Twist to Musikfest 2017 – UBMe


Bethlehem, PA — Tuesday, August 1, 2017: Musikfest fans from all over the country will now have access to an innovative local networking app called UBMe that allows visitors to fully explore the city of Bethlehem, meet new people, and find local business deals. UBMe is also inviting everyone in the Bethlehem area to join in on the treasure hunt series that will start August 5th and continue throughout the 10-day music festival. The UBMe treasure hunt details and maps will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages @UBMeWorld and also handed out at Musikfest.

As visitors walk around Steel Stacks and downtown, they can use UBMe to discover local businesses, connect with new people, gather clues, and search for the hidden treasure chests. UBMe users can check-in to any venue, restaurant, or bar, see other participants, and connect with others in a live group chat. Once checked-in, treasure hunters will be able to see clues that UBMe has posted in the live chat that will lead them to the next place on the Bethlehem treasure map. The app is location based, so users cannot participate in the live chat unless they are physically there allowing them to explore Bethlehem.

“It’s not only about discovering the local area and events, it’s about being able to connect with people at these events like Musikfest,” stated Val Arzunian, founder and CEO of UBMe. “There are plenty of apps out there that allow you to discover events and deals, group message, and post pictures, but none of them come full circle and allow you to interact with those around you. That’s what makes UBMe unique.” UBMe will allow people to explore Musikfest like never before by allowing them to immediately connect with people nearby and see what everyone is talking about so they don’t miss out on any of the highlights of the festival. The UBMe app, known as the Local Network for the Modern World, is especially useful for those who aren’t familiar with the area and want to have the full Bethlehem experience.

UBMe is a social networking app that allows users to connect with other users who are at a specific place whether that be a business, bar, college campus, concert or sporting event. Their approach to social networking is unique and effective because users who are in the same venue already share a common trait—their location—which leads to organic conversations. UBMe’s new live communication channel is available in over 100 million places worldwide. Users can also discover thousands of nearby events and post pictures and videos locally to share and explore the world around them. The app has tremendous potential to further connect people around the Lehigh Valley. “Our development team has been hard at work for three years now, and I’m excited for people in the Lehigh Valley to finally start experiencing all that UBMe has to offer,” stated Arzunian. The mobile app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

UBMe is a startup tech company based in Bethlehem, PA. The company was founded in 2014 by software architect Val Arzunian, and the app was launched in Spring 2017. Since its debut at the Silicon Valley Mobile Venture Summit, the company was able to raise seed funding and is currently seeking venture capital.




Information Provided By:
Amber Livingston
UBMe Inc.
Social Media Manager