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Eleven new firefighters will be on the job in the Allentown Fire Department.  They were among the graduates of the Allentown Fire Academy who were honored during a ceremony today at the city’s Mack South Fire Station.

New Allentown firefighters Sean Boland, Ryder Clemmo, Henry Cochran, Chad Krause, Tyler Mastria, Chris McAbee, James McGuire, Robert Petrusky, Todd Sterner, Brandon Wentz and Michael Wilbert were presented with their badges and each received graduation certificates.

Allentown Fire Chief Jim Wehr told the graduates, “As each of you are handed your certificates and receive your badges, realize you are entering the greatest and most hazardous profession in the country.  Know that as you leave this academy and start your career with your respective departments, that knowledge is power and as you gain experience never stop learning and always remain a student of the fire service.”

The department answered nearly 11,000 calls in 2019.

The addition of the 11 new firefighters brings the total strength of the department to 129 firefighters.

The firefighters received classroom instruction, intense physical training and participated in hands-on drills.  They obtained national certifications as firefighters, and drivers and operators of pumper and aerial vehicles.  Other certifications include emergency medical technician, basic vehicle, water and elevator rescues and hazardous materials operations.

All 11 graduates are military veterans.  Boland, Clemmo, Cochran, McAbee, Sterner and Wentz served in the Marines.  Mastria, McGuire, Petrusky and Wilbert were in the Army.  Krause served in the Air Force.  Petrusky and Wentz also have experience as EMTs.

The new Allentown firefighters begin a two-week orientation working with each platoon and each station starting Monday, August 10.

Cochran, Mastria and Wilbert are assigned to the 1st Platoon. McGuire, Petrusky and Krause are assigned to the 2nd Platoon.  Boland and Clemmo will be with the 3rd Platoon.  McAbee, Sterner and Wentz will be part of the 4th Platoon.

The academy class also includes three graduates who are joining the Bethlehem City Fire Department.

Information provided to TVL by:
Mike Moore
Communications Manager
Mayor’s Office
435 Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18101