Rustic Recipe Series | By Joe Scrizzi

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By Joe Scrizzi

Apple cider vinegar has been around for a long time and has many, many benefits. 3 years ago I started taking 1 teaspoon every day with lunch. It’s definitely an acquired taste and best if taken with food, as I learned quickly, haha. Besides assisting in lower my cholesterol, I looked up other ways to use it. Whitens teeth, being a tea drinker I’m going to start this practice a few times a week. Gargle the ACV for a short time before brushing your teeth like normal. It kills bacteria throughout the mouth and removes stains = Win/Win!

Few years back I was doing some landscaping and after 2 days of tearing out shrubs, I developed a rash on my arms. Called mom and she had a newspaper clipping from awhile back stating this: Mix ACV with water and dab on blemished area, next day the itching ceased and redness subsided (Thanks Mom!). Other great benefits: Increases energy, aids digestion/bloating, fights infections, etc. Now more than ever is a great time to start taking Apple Cider Vinegar.


I’ve purchased a bottle of Fyre Cider from a local farmers market over the Summer and enjoy taking it straight as well as using it in dressing for salads and grilled veggies. This particular bottle was infused with cayenne peppers and horseradish, very tasty and multiple benefits in this concoction as well.

Hot Peppers speed metabolism, clear up running noses, soothe arthritis, antioxidants, several vitamins, etc.


I decided to try to make my own Homemade Infused Fire Apple Cider and since we are coming up to a Full Moon, I’m going to charge it under a full moon too! This doesn’t have to be prepared on a full moon night, however it has to ferment on your counter for 30 days, so why not use the Full Moon as your natural calendar!


Fire Cider


1 Gal. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (with Mother)

Onions, quartered

Oranges (with rind), sliced

Fennel, sliced

Jalapeno Peppers, sliced (with seeds)

Fresh Horseradish, chunked

Fresh Ginger, sliced

Head of Garlic, husk removed, whole cloves or cut to release oils

Assorted Fresh Herbs (rosemary, thyme, dill, lavender, etc.)

Cinnamon sticks

Cardamom Pods

Turmeric, if not fresh, add 1 tsp powder 9or to taste



There’s no rhyme nor reason on qty, grab a handful of items and let the experiment begin. For my taste, I’m going with jalapeno peppers vs cayenne. I plan to add in some organic honey as an added benefit. Once I taste this mixture, I will adjust for my next one.

Find a ½ gallon jar, mason jar or multiple smaller jars and start the layering process. Once everything is tucked inside, pour in the ACV and seal with lid. I add a piece of wax paper under my lid to create a tighter seal (just because). This fermentation doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Set on counter or out-of-the-way table for 1 month, mark with masking tape the date it was started and watch the magic each week!


Plan ahead and ask your local deli for ½ gal or 1 gal glass jars with lids (pickles, peppers, olives all come packed in them). Another idea is to save your tomato sauce and pickle jars. Wash & remove the labels. These are great to have on hand for this as well as other infusions. No need to wait for a full moon, start it any day, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or other.

They also make great gifts filled with Homemade Fire Cider, your Friends & Family will Thank You!


Have Fun!


P.S. I did my first batch on Halloween Night (spooky ). Strained on November 30th  over the course of 2 days and re-bottled it. WOW”O”WOW……the tastes are amazing! The orange and added apple mellowed out the taste and makes drinking it a lot easier. I didn’t get much heat as I expected, so I will alter my next infusion come Christmas Eve.

After straining, I bottled 1.5 quarts and plan to make a new batch every 3 weeks or so.


If you like to recycle/compost, simple way of putting back into the earth.

Remove cinnamon sticks, add fermented veggies to blender and pulse few times to churn things up. Add water if needed.

Dig trench in your garden (several before ground freezes), pour evenly and cover.

Or freeze in baggies for Spring 2021 gardening.




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