Musikfest 2022 Ziggy Marley | Review By: Janel Spiegel

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Review By: Janel Spiegel

Musikfest 2022 Ziggy Marley: A Live Tribute to His Father

“One love, one heart”, Bethlehem Joined Together.

August 9, 2022

Wind Creek Steel Stage

711 E. First Street


“Forget your worries and dance.” My friend Bea and I sat and watched an absolute thrilled kid get the setlist from Ziggy Marley’s show tonight. It was packed once again with an audience that didn’t need anyone to tell them to sing along or “if you know the words sing along.” Ziggy Marley, his band, and amazing background singers would start just a little bit of a song, and the audience was singing.

Ziggy Marley paid full tribute to his legendary father, Bob Marley (Bob Marley & The Wailers for several songs). Bob Marley was born February 6, 1945 in Nine Mile, Jamaica. ( ) Bob Marley’s influence is heard and felt.

Ziggy Marley came out, and once again, Mother Nature made herself known but I think she felt the music and sent the moon out to watch over everyone. I must say my section did good, everyone was singing, and Ziggy thanked everyone, he was happy to sing his father’s music. Ziggy Marley did the tour in honor of Bob Marley’s 75th birthday. Ziggy Marley has an amazing career of his own, and some of the best music. Ziggy has also collaborated with Willie Nelson who also headlined at Musikfest 2022.

A dollar from each ticket will go to the

Ziggy Marley is a musician and philanthropist. The man can create and make music. He paid so much respect to his band and singers. He pointed out each music.

Ziggy had Kazayah open the show. She was incredible with her drummer, and guitar/bass player. She hyped the crowd up for Ziggy although he didn’t truly need it. People were just elated. So many people had Jamaican flags, beautiful outfits, and just what seemed love to spread. I never forget how much I love concerts, being together with hundreds or thousands of people, you talk to the people next to you, in front of you, behind you.

You may even meet some new friends, run into old friends and Hi Marian in the next section. (Marian’s section did good with their singing.) Concerts are amazing. There is nothing like them. Singing with people you’ve never met, some you have met, everyone was sweating, just a bunch of sweaty, happy, some tearful people. People FELT THE LOVE. Many of Bob Marley’s emphasize love and unity, Ziggy made sure to point that out. Ziggy’s own songs are based on love and happiness.

His voice is soothing, he is so into the music, I think he just is in his own world but well aware of what’s going on. He performed everything from “Rastaman Vibration” (Bob Marley & The Wailers), “I Shot the Sheriff” (The Wailers cover), “Get Up, Stand Up”, and THE WHOLE AUDIENCE GOT UP!

“Jamming”, we we’re all Jamming. You could that feel that in your soul. “Zion Train”, “Coming in from the Cold”, “Is This Love”, “One Love”, “Could You Be Loved”.

Ziggy Marley and his band left the stage causing the audience to start the CHANT. I love a good CHANT, and he came back out for that encore that we all love so much. To hear an entire chanting, “Ziggy, Ziggy, Ziggy…” I’m pretty sure all of Bethlehem heard it, and Ziggy heard it, even though I’m sure he was coming back out anyway. I’ve been to enough concerts to know that build up, it was POWERFUL though.

He didn’t have to ask anyone to sing along though, people were singing before he even came out. Bob Marley loved love and Ziggy Marley shares his love of love. Remember, “Love is my Religion” says it all. One of his best songs is “Garden Song of Miracles”, it shows his love of love and the planet, his family and music. One Love to you Ziggy Marley, and One Love to Bethlehem, and Musikfest 2022.