PA SRCC Statement on Senator Katie Muth’s “Toxic Office Environment” Allegations

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Harrisburg, PA – In a recent article from Broad & Liberty, it was uncovered a former staffer of State Senator Katie Muth sounded off on the toxic work environment and the Senator’s bullying and mistreating of her official office staff. Broad and Liberty investigated the claims further and found that Senator Muth’s turnover is extraordinarily high. The article highlights that her office has experienced over 200% turnover since being sworn in and she was much likely to see her staffers leave within the first year compared to her Senate colleagues.

The Pennsylvania State Republican Campaign Committee (SRCC) released the following statement in light of these new developments:

“This investigation by Broad & Liberty is an eye-opening look into Senator Katie Muth and how she runs her official staff office,” SRCC Communications Director Michael Straw began. “It’s now clear that Senator Muth has created a culture of fear for her employees. She’s done a disservice to her staff and her constituents for the toxic environment she’s created for her employees. Official office staff are there to help constituents, hear their concerns, and help the legislator. They aren’t there to be abused and treated with disrespect.”


Information provided to TVL by:
Michael Straw
The Pennsylvania Republican Senate Campaign Committee