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The Ultimate Guide to Local Hotspots, Events, and Attractions

Poconos, Pennsylvania: Xplore the Poconos is excited to announce its launch as a team of passionate storytellers dedicated to showcasing the best the Poconos has to offer. Through their publications of writing and photography, they strive to capture the essence of their community by highlighting the best places to eat, drink, shop, explore, and stay.

The team at Xplore the Poconos believes that every community has its own treasures and hidden gems, and they are committed to uncovering and sharing these distinctive qualities with their readers. They are passionate about bringing to light the unique attractions, events, and local hotspots that make the Poconos a special place to live and visit.

Whether you are a local looking for new experiences or a visitor looking to explore the area, the Xplore the Poconos team has you covered. They aim to provide comprehensive and honest reviews, insider tips, and engaging stories that will help you discover the best the Poconos has to offer.

One of the biggest aspects of their business is involving the community. They ask everyone to give their input and suggest local businesses and events for the team to check out. Encouraging the community to stay involved is what Xplore the Poconos is all about. From adding events to the calendar to submitting an article they want everyone involved in keeping the Poconos thriving. Already planning to attend plenty of local upcoming events, this team understands how much fun they won’t be able to see. This is why they challenge the community even more to post and engage on social media and help ensure everyone knows what is happening in the Poconos.

“We are committed to not only showcasing the best attractions and places to visit, but also to sharing the stories and experiences of the people who make the Poconos so special,” said Courtney Quaresimo, co-founder of Xplore the Poconos. “Through our writing, we hope to bring our readers closer to the heart of our community and to foster a sense of connection and appreciation for all that it has to offer.” Keeping consistent with her love and passion for small businesses, Courtney also owns a local digital marketing agency, Quantifi Media. This shows in the professionalism and community clearly built into the Xplore the Poconos brand.

“I’m excited to showcase local businesses with visitors and locals alike,” said Matthew Bertsch, co-founder of Xplore the Poconos. “I hope to answer the question of ‘what’s there to do around here’ and show people what makes our area so special.” Matthew is also the owner of Matthew Bertsch Photography, so he has an eye for capturing the best of every moment.

The Xplore the Poconos team deeply cares about showcasing all the beauty the Poconos has to offer. They are dedicated to promoting local events, businesses, and attractions that make their community unique. With most of the team already working with small businesses, they understand the importance of community. Their energy and enthusiasm for the community is contagious, and they are constantly looking for new ways to engage and inspire others to get involved in making their community an even better place to live, work, and play.

Thank you for joining the Xplore the Poconos team on this journey, and they look forward to sharing their community’s treasures with you!

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