Burn Prevention Network Responds to Burns in High-Risk Population in Partnership with Lehigh Valley Health Network

The updated program will teach new parents how to prevent burns in preschoolers

Allentown, PA (June 1, 2023) The Burn Prevention Network (BPN) and Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) have teamed up to launch the newly designed Home Safe Home program, which educates new parents about fire and burn safety for young children. The program provides an educational video for mothers who have just given birth in any LVHN hospital. The improved Home Safe Home program aligns with Burn Prevention Network’s mission to reduce the risk of burns and empower burn survivors and their families to be safe in their homes.

The videos were created by BPN specifically for mothers in LVHN’s footprint. They are available in both English and Spanish and feature real parents in local locations. The videos focus on providing easy-to-implement strategies to prevent the most frequent preschool burns seen in our area. These include the top three tips: (1) checking fire alarms every month, (2) removing tablecloths to prevent children from pulling down hot items, and (3) using a travel mug or mug with a lid when drinking hot beverages like coffee.

“I believe it’s a vital resource for new parents,” says Krista Gery, a nurse from LVHN. “Many new parents don’t think about the everyday things around their house that could pose a burn risk to their newborn or growing child. The Home Safe Home video demonstrates hazardous scenarios their child could encounter in each main area of their home which can be very eye-opening.”

The Home Safe Home program is part of a nearly 40-year partnership between LVHN and BPN to reduce the risk of burns. The Home Safe Home program was created over a decade ago after research from LVHN’s Regional Burn Center showed that preschool children are among the highest-risk populations for serious burn injury. That trend continues today. In fiscal year ‘21-’22, LVHN’s Regional Burn Center treated 71 children under the age of 5 for serious burn injuries.

An early iteration of the Home Safe Home program started with a printed informational packet provided at discharge. The updated video version of the program is focused on increased retention and behavior change, and also aligns with the current maternal education series provided by LVHN to address other newborn baby risks such as shaken baby syndrome and SIDS.

View the English version of the home assessment video HERE. Learn more about BPN HERE.

About Burn Prevention Network

Burn Prevention Network (BPN) is a Pennsylvania 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization based in the Lehigh Valley with state and regional programs. Our mission is to reduce the risk of burns and empower burn survivors and their families. We will accomplish that goal with our full array of prevention and burn survivor support programs. BPN has a 35+ year history of successful program and service delivery and is one of the most respected burn nonprofits in the U.S. While our reach extends throughout Pennsylvania, our focus is on those populations most at-risk for burn injuries. We are effective because of the nature, extent, and quality of our partnerships with regional burn centers and other health, public safety, and community-based organizations.


Information provided to TVL by:
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