HNL Lab Medicine Enhances Emergency Care with Onboard Blood Transfusions

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Allentown, Pa., July 02, 2024— HNL Lab Medicine has partnered with Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) to significantly improve emergency medical care. Effective immediately, the blood banks managed by HNL Lab Medicine at hospital sites will supply blood for LVHN MedEvac helicopters and ambulances, allowing medical personnel to administer life-saving blood transfusions on the scene or en route to the hospital.

This innovative service provides critical care transport (CCT) crews the ability to offer whole blood transfusions to a wide range of patients during interfacility transports and emergency medical service (EMS) rendezvous. This is particularly beneficial for trauma patients requiring urgent care while being transported to tertiary care facilities. Previously, transfusions could only continue if initiated at the sending facility. With this new capability, crews can now carry their own blood supply, ensuring timely transfusions even when the sending facility’s blood supply is exhausted.

The initiative represents a collaborative effort between MedEvac and HNL Lab Medicine blood bank teams. It marks a significant advancement in patient care by enabling earlier access to transfusions, which is proven to improve patient outcomes and save lives. Laura Bailey, Clinical Lab Operations Director at HNL Lab Medicine, and her team worked diligently to navigate and overcome numerous regulatory and logistical challenges, making this life-saving therapy possible.

“Our team is proud to contribute to this life-saving initiative, providing critical support to trauma patients in their most vulnerable moments,” said Bailey. “Every second counts in emergencies, and this capability makes a profound difference in saving lives.”

The availability of onboard blood transfusions not only enhances the quality of care provided to patients during critical moments but also underscores the commitment of HNL Lab Medicine and LVHN to advancing emergency medical services. This development sets a new standard for trauma and emergency care, ensuring that patients receive the best possible treatment as quickly as possible.

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Information provided to TVL by:
Alexandra Ford