LV STEELHAWKS are playoff bound after beating the Triangle Torch 68-19

Story & Photographs by Diane Fleischman  

There was no doubt about it, the Steel Hawks showed their strength and determination last night as they conquered the Triangle Torch last night 68-19.  It was evident as the Steel Hawks took the field, they jumped and high fived with great energy and enthusiasm, this was to be a game that kept us on the edge of our seats. 

The Steel Hawks did not disappoint, as they scored their first touchdown within the first five minutes of the game.  As we head toward the close of their season, it is apparent how flawless their talents have become by intercepting several of the Torches plays. 

After the game, fans were given the opportunity to meet the players on the field.  A chance to get autograph, and express their sentiments of a game well played. 

Don’t miss the next Steel Hawks game as they take on Central Penn, next Saturday, May 21.

Story & Photographs by Diane Fleischman