Trifecta Technologies Joins 3 Referral Partner Programs


Trifecta Technologies is proud to announce that it has joined the referral partner programs of MapAnything, Talkdesk, and Cirrus Insight.

The new strategic partnerships will allow Trifecta to bring even more comprehensive business functionality to its Salesforce clients.

MayAnything is a mapping and geo-analytics solution provider for Salesforce users. Talkdesk adds comprehensive call center functionality to the Salesforce platform, and Cirrus Insight brings key Salesforce functionality into Gmail and Outlook.

About Trifecta Technologies, Inc. 

For 25 years, Trifecta has been a trusted technology partner to its clients, building cloud solutions and custom software that improve employee productivity, engage customers, and demonstrate tangible ROI.

Based in Allentown, Pa., Trifecta also offers UI/UX design services, consultation with a team of technical experts and consultants, managed IT services, and training and support for its custom work.

Information Provided By:
Leanne Recla,
Senior Communications Coordinator
Trifecta Technologies