Magnum Rocks Levitt Pavilion

Story & Photography by Kris Hilliard

Levitt Pavilion Bethlehem, Pa. – The evening was perfect for an enjoyable outdoor concert at Levitt Pavilion, the weather fully cooperated with lower temps and less humidity.  Many fans began lining up their chairs two hours before the show, just to get a glimpse of the legendary local rock band from the late 70’s-early 80’s. During the opening announcements, the speaker mentioned that the donation bucket collection that they provide during each show at Levitt is cash given directly to each band, since Levitt is a non-profit.  The six original band members and several additional band members of Magnum rocked the crowed of over 3,000 fans at their show Saturday night. They played many familiar rock and roll tunes as the crowd danced, sang, photographed and live recorded the show. A few of the songs included “Hotel California” by the Eagles, “Living Here in Allentown” by Billy Joel and Deep Purple’s “I am a highway Star” really got the crow exhilarated. Dave Werkhiser thrilled spectators with his roller skating, and jokes.  The band gave acknowledgement  to a few former road crew members in attendance that they found in the crowd; Todd, Carlos and Jimmy.  Many fans were yelling for an encore when the band  went off stage. After the staff gave away cd’s for the raffle and door prizes, Magnum did come back for one more. They said they were thrilled to play the concert at Levitt and will continue to come back once each year as long as the fans will continue to encourage them and come for a concert.  I will look forward to seeing them again.

The band released this statement on their Magnum USA Facebook page Sunday afternoon “We want to give a huge “Thank You!” to everyone who came to the show last night at Levitt Pavilion at Steelstacks. We were told by the staff that the crowd was estimated at about 3,500 people, and on stage we could feel the energy from all of you. The weather was absolutely ideal and the amount of fun we had was fantastic. From all of us, Lon Warner, Dave Werkhiser, Michael DeFrank, Steve Weiss, Jeff Smith, Kjell Benner, and our special guests, Stefon Pizzuto, Kenny Wendland, Rich Giancamilli, and Jim Loftus, thanks again. “


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