An Interview with Jim Jackson from Juskel Clothing


There are so many awesome things going on in the Lehigh Valley it is hard to keep up with them all. One of the most amazing things happening in downtown Allentown is the growth of Juskel Clothing.

Juskel Clothing Co., short for “Just Kids Enjoying Life” Created in 2014, Juskel is all about giving you “a simple style for a sophisticated life.”

It is was our privilege to get to ask Jim Jackson the founder of Juskel Clothing a few questions about how things got started and what the future holds for his Lehigh Valley company.


What inspired you to start Juskel?

Jim: Working with kids at a child care Center that my wife owns known as Kula Children’s Center seeing how the children interacted on a daily basis with their friends

Where did the name Juskel come from?

Jim: Juskel’s name was derived from the mascot at Kula Children’s Center which is a turtle whose name is Kelmorshelby

What are some challenges in starting your own clothing company?

Jim: Some of the challenges that I faced starting up was financing, manufacturing, brand awareness, and sales. As you might think of many others these are the main ones I faced.

Do you have any mentors in the industry that you look to for inspiration or advice?

Jim: My mentors are Damon John of FUBU , Sean “P Diddy” John of Sean John and Bad Boy Records, Ralph Lauren of Polo, and Lacoste.

What does it meant to you or how does it feel to see people wearing your brand?

Jim: It means the world to me to see people that I don’t know wearing Juskel. When I see this it lets me know that our work is not going In vein.

Any words of wisdom for anyone looking to follow their dreams and start their own business?

Jim: If I could say anything to anyone looking to start their own business is pay close attention to detail, stay in your own creative world even if it’s not what’s popular and hire the right people to do what you can’t without being egotistical.

What is up next for Juskel?

Jim: Juskel will be at 329 Broome St Manhattan NY on January 22, 2017 presenting their new collection titled “Blue & White Rain” as a POP up shop.

Thank you for time and for sharing your company with the Lehigh Valley and the world. We cannot wait to see the next line of clothing Juskel releases!


You can learn more about Juskel at their website and social media accounts.