Call to Action! By: Carrie Beleno


We’ve heard a lot of “Calls to Action” lately, haven’t we? It’s time to: Stand Up! March! Phone! Email! Sponsor!

I couldn’t agree more. It IS time. But may I propose a different call to action? One that doesn’t require travel, fundraising, the internet, investment of time or money, or taking a day off from work?

This one is easy. It requires just one thing, one thing we have and use every day:


Take a moment and think back to the last conversation you had. What was the feeling around it? Was it joyful? Perhaps planning an event or vacation with your partner, or catching up with family? Or was it angry and fearful? Talking about politics or the state of the world or illnesses? (There is NO coincidence that “everyone” seems to be “catching” the latest bug!)

Look back at your last social media post. Was it words that could uplift the world, supporting peace, optimism, unity and love? Or compound the fear, anger and dis-ease already so prevalent?

My dear friends (who have all chosen to be right HERE, right NOW, by the way), this matters. Words have energy. The feelings behind those words have energy. Every time that energy is released into the universe it has a ripple effect that everyone can feel.

We no longer need to be alerted, alarmed, awakened or upset. We’ve got that down to a science, trust me, I see it every day in my work.

We need to be unified through our words. Unified in love, peace, comfort, stability and optimism. Lift each other up through the sharing of the joys in your life. Lift each other up through kind words. Smile. Hug. Laugh.

THIS is what will ward off disease, hatred, fear and hopelessness. Knowing that the community of billions we’ve created has got each other’s backs no matter our political leanings, religion or race. Knowing that, no matter what, we stand for love for each other as a human race.

Please be conscious of your words. Words are fueled by feelings and
​feelings are the most powerful tool we have for creation.

Create what you want to see in the world. I’ll bet a million dollars it isn’t fear, anger or hopelessness.

Live in love.

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Carrie Beleno, Spiritual Teacher/Intuitive Reiki/Owner: Beleno Center

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