Story & Photographs by Diane Fleischman


There were plenty of surprises in store with Sunday’s Steelhawks game as they took on the Columbus Lions.  Starting over at the main entrance, free tee shirts were distributed to the first one thousand fans, sponsored by the Lehigh Valley Health Networks.

The game started with several incomplete passes as both teams were determined to score first.  The Steelhawks earned the first touchdown, with the Lions close behind as the clock ran down the first quarter with a score of 21-6, the Steelhawks in the lead.

Early in the second quarter, the Lions clammered to close the lead as they scored again.  The Steelhawks scored and  swooped in to intercept the Lions’ ball, bringing the halftime score to 28-20, the Steelhawks lead was closing in.

The fourth quarter was by far the most exciting, as the Lions scored again, and held the lead at 35-41 briefly.  It all came down to the last two minutes, which were the most action packed of the game.  Steelhawks scored a touchdown, bringing the score to 53-41, the Lions failed at a field goal attempt with 40 seconds left on the clock.  The Lions once again regained  the lead by one point with 19 seconds left to go.  And just when you think that’s the end of the game, the Steelhawks score their final touchdown and field goal, bringing the final score to 60-54, with two seconds remaining.

Steelhawks are back at the PPL Center Saturday, April 15th.

**Don’t forget the Steelhawk Challenges!**

Win or lose, if the Steelhawks score or over 50 points, all Domino’s online pizza orders are 50% off, up to 3 days after the game!  (use code SH50).

With a Steelhawks win, your ticket is worth a free slice of pizza from Big Woodys, up to 3 days after the game.