Volunteers Will Keep Grassroots Movement Strong, Support Progressive Agenda  

Aug. 1, Catasauqua, Pa. – Amy Zanelli, Democratic candidate for Lehigh County Commissioner District 3, joined Democratic candidates Tuesday night hosting an evening of food and fun for those who helped the candidates win their positions on the ballot for the November election.  

“Thank you so much for coming out tonight-this is simply amazing,” Zanelli said to the crowd gathered at Catasauqua Park. “This is more than what democracy looks like; this is what the future of the Democratic Party looks like in the Lehigh Valley. And this just humbles me so much to see all of you here.  This was my first dream after May 16th to be able to give back to all of the volunteers who helped bring me thru that primary with such an amazing victory.” 

Zanelli won a decisive victory in a hotly contested race that was secured by the help of her grassroots volunteer supporters. Over 75 volunteers came to the Volunteer Appreciation Picnic for burgers and hot dogs provided by the Lehigh Valley Building Trades Union, supporters of Zanelli’s candidacy. 

Also hosting the picnic were Judge Maria McLaughlin, Pennsylvania Superior Court candidate, and Judge Ellen Ceisler, Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court candidate. 

“You have no idea how grateful I am to each and every one of you truly,” Judge McLaughlin said. “And I know we are here because of Amy. When you are a statewide candidate what you realize is that in every county that you go to you need these local candidates to pull you through,” she said.  “It’s Amy that you know, it’s Lamont and Phillips. That’s who you know. They are helping us statewide. And I think you need to know how grateful we are. Labor–I couldn’t run without labor. I can’t even imagine running let alone local but statewide there is no way.” 

Judge Ceisler credited her success to the “boots on the ground and the people who are knocking on the doors and going door to door and making calls and sending emails and getting the vote out.” Ceisler said, “I’m here because they helped me be the number one vote getter in the state for the Commonwealth Court,  number one in Lehigh County and I am here to thank them. They did a great job for me, they care. I wish everybody cared like they did.” 

The Volunteer Appreciation Picnic was also sponsored by Phillips Armstrong, Lehigh County Executive candidate and Lamont McClure, the candidate for Northampton County Executive as well as the Heat and Frost Insulators.  

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