LVCART’s Fundraiser @ PJ’s at The Walbert

You can help LVCART raise funds for their organization tonight by dining out at PJ’s at The Walbert. PJ’s will donate 15% of your purchase to LVCART tonight 8/21/2014 from 6 pm until 8 pm.

What or Who is LVCART???

Take a bunch of dedicated animal loving individuals, combine them with skills and training in how to respond during times of crisis and disaster and you have the makings of a LVCART team member. The official answer of what is LVCART is… The Lehigh Valley Animal Response Team was created through a private-public partnership to serve as a unified network of organizations, businesses, federal, and state government agencies, and individuals that supports the preparation, preparedness, response, and recovery for emergencies affecting animals.

Their Mission:

Empowering Lehigh and Northampton county residents through training and resources to enhance animal and agricultural disaster responses.

How do they operate?

LVCART is dispatched to emergencies at the request of state, county, or municipal agencies. They respond to small animal, large animal, and even exotic animal emergencies ranging from single animal to shelter operations for when groups of residence need to be evacuated from an area and need somewhere to take their pets.

CART teams are coordinated by the state, and managed locally by team leaders. The state has limited funds and local CART teams have to resort to fund raising to be able to acquire necessary  items, tools, and training in order to ensure they are ready to assist the area at a moment’s notice.

If you are interested in learning more about how LVCART works or would like to volunteer or donate to LVCART you can visit their website