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8 Tips for Designing a Small Bathroom – By Carrie Oesmann


Don’t give up on that tiny bathroom! It has more potential than you can imagine. Here are some great ideas to save space and make that small space pop with flair and originality.

  1. Wall-mounted fixtures: Vanities and toilets mounted on the walls give the illusion of a larger room because they don’t visually take up floor space!
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Please tell me I’m not crazy! By: Carrie Oesmann @BailiwickInt

Deep down inside we all question our sanity when we step out of our comfort zones. Often it is simply the fear of the unknown that will stop people from pursuing their life’s dreams. We tend to over-analyze our decisions, seek a risk-free adventure and look for affirmation of our life choices from our family and friends (and even the clerk at the check-out register at Lowes).Click here to read more...