Seventeen-Year-Old Kareena Ratnesh Gives Back During Cancer Journey

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Photos and information provided by Resilience Gives

How a Seventeen Year Old Cancer Survivor is Paying It Forward, One Pair of Socks at a Time

Nazareth, PA: When Kareena Ratnesh was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer at fifteen, she had no idea what it would mean for her future. One and a half years later, Kareena is cancer free, and now she is giving back by partnering with Resilience Gives’ Socks with Stories: Paying It Forward Initiative, where Kareena and 49 other pediatric cancer survivors are donating socks and spreading a message of hope to families in the thick of treatment.

Each year, an estimated 15,780 children between the ages of 0-19 are diagnosed with cancer in the US. And although survival rates have increased to 80% of children living five years or more, advocates like Kareena aren’t satisfied with one in five children dying. “I’m so thankful to be alive after having won my own battle, and I want to continue fighting for others,” says Kareena. With the help of survivors like Kareena, Resilience Gives has set a goal of donating 10,000 pairs of non-slip socks to children in hospitals across the country. Kareena is visiting the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia this month to make her donation, just one stop on a journey to support children with pediatric cancer while sharing stories of resilience.

Without a doubt, Kareena Ratnesh’s journey with pediatric cancer is one such story. Kareena was diagnosed with Stage III Ovarian Cancer — without immediate surgery and treatment, she risked the cancer spreading to other parts of her body. Kareena’s diagnosis came in April 2019, and the teen spent her entire summer battling cancer. While her friend enjoyed the respite from high school, Kareena underwent draining chemotherapy treatments, three surgeries, and countless sleepless nights in the hospital struggling with nausea. For Kareena, battling cancer has been beyond demanding, but even on the darkest days, she continues to prove one thing— she is a fighter.

Kareena’s journey with pediatric cancer has led her to a partnership with Resilience Gives, the North Carolina based sock company which works with children who are battling cancer to design fun, non-slip socks inspired by their stories of resilience. Kareena hopes the Paying It Forward Initiative can spread hope to those who need it most — children fighting pediatric cancer just like her.

About Resilience Gives: Founded by a cancer patient frustrated with poorly made, drab hospital socks, Resilience Gives partners with children who are battling cancer to design high quality, non-slip socks inspired by their experiences in the hospital. For every pair of socks sold, a pair is donated to a child in the hospital.


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