Chaos to Calm: Men Are The Answer – by Carrie Beleno


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Men are the answer to our problems.

Yes, you read me correctly. Men are the answer to our problems.

For several years now, and particularly after November’s election, I’ve been advocating for the rise of women in power, thinking that WE need to take control of the crumbling structures: government, education, medicine…

But I’ve had a change of heart.

You see, I’ve been connecting with more and more men through my Intuitive Reiki practice and teachings than in all my 16 years combined, and I’ve been witnessing a shift, a HUGE shift. One that can change the face of society, overnight if we allow it.

These men GET IT. These men understand that their limited thinking about The Illusions: income, material wealth, homes, cars, sports~ matter not. They understand that soul-to-soul connections are what matter: family, friends, pets, and most importantly, themselves. They haven’t loved themselves in a VERY long time… Continue Reading


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