Chaos to Calm: Did You Know You Have IT? – by Carrie Beleno


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Uh oh, NOW what do I have?

You’d have to be living under a rock (or without cable) not to miss the never-ending ads for every drug and disease under the sun.   They conveniently list every symptom, specifically designed to make us mentally run down the list to see how many of them we actually have.

A lot, right? Everything from COPD to dry eyes to heart failure…

But there is something I absolutely, positively know you have and I don’t need a list of symptoms  to confirm.

You have IT.

And what is IT exactly, you ask?

The power to heal.

The power to heal yourself~ physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually~the situations you are in, and the world around you.

We have been led to believe, for thousands of years, that we must rely on outside sources to heal our pain and suffering.

But in this very moment, I am giving you permission to break that myth.

My empowerment work teaches that nothing, absolutely nothing, is outside of you. That we have all been given the tools we need to heal ourselves and each other.

Healing looks different for everyone: some physical, some mental, some emotional, some spiritual.

I encourage you to look inside, really look deep down, and decide, right now, that you are in control. That you have emotional balance. That you will never again feel like a victim to (fill in the blank)…

Go find your joy. Do something for yourself. Stop putting yourself last on the list. Connect with like-minded people who will lift you up and not commiserate with (or for) you. Focus on the health you have and not on the disease you think you own.

Be kind to everyone. Embody the old adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Words carry energy and that energy matters.

Break the chains. Start each day anew…no, start each moment anew.

Live in the present, not in yesterday’s “mistakes” or in tomorrow’s “what-ifs.”

My inspirational messages through my podcast can help. Have a listen if you haven’t yet: iTunes and SoundCloud. Use your intuition and pick an episode title that resonates with you.

What have you got to lose (besides fear, anxiety and doubt)?

You’ve got IT! What else do you need?

​Nothing, nothing at all.

Live in love,



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