Marc Broussard at the Levitt Pavilion – by Diane Fleischman

Story & Photographs by Diane Fleischman

I would imagine after the second downpour of rain Tuesday evening at Muskifest, the Music Gods, emerged and exclaimed, “Enough rain, let there be music!”  Then the skies parted, and rain was no more.  Luckily, the rain did stop, just in time for Marc Broussard to take the stage at the Levitt Pavilion.

Die hard fans of all ages rushed the stage, as he performed to a full audience, who didn’t seem to mind the soggy residue of the earlier thunderstorms.

Marc Broussard hails from the deep south of Louisiana, and what makes his style interesting is that he draws from all musical influences in his environment.  His style has been dubbed as “Cajun Blues”, and adds a bit of funk, and plenty of emotion to the ballads.  As Broussard tours this summer, he is promoting a new release, “Easy To Love”.  Broussard included a few of the new songs, such as the title track, and “Leave a Light On”, and “Baton Rouge”.

As his fan base continues to grow, one thing’s for certain, Broussard puts on one heck of a show, full of raw emotion and spirit, strong enough to chase the rain away.