The Missing Gap In PA STEAM Education & Careers

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Building A Passionate STEAM Based Business and a Mentally Positive Workforce in Pennsylvania

Lehigh Valley, PA: It’s no secret that the COVID pandemic has presented a challenge to employment in the STEAM fields, but even pre-pandemic times saw a shortage in the STEAM-based industry throughout Pennsylvania. The struggle is on both ends of the stick in terms of businesses seeking passionate people and students finding the right company to help them grow in the industry.

There are three different problem scenerios hitting our economy in the STEAM fields:

  • PA students are looking to attend colleges and trade schools outside the state
  • Students are graduating from a local college and then moving away to another state, which in turn makes finding the right candidates harder for local STEAM companies
  • Students are graduating and not landing jobs in their selected field of study because lack of STEAM-based growth
  • Employees are becoming depressed, anxious, and drained at their workplace

Kat Mahoney, Owner & Director of TheGeekGrid Studios, a Content Creation & STEAM Events and Skills Firm, hones in on the most important part of a successful STEAM company and what could be, the missing gap to STEAM business survivability.

“When we interview employees or interns prior to joining our company, the first thing 90% of them say to me is ‘I will do anything to work for TheGeekGrid Studios!’ or ‘This company is my dream job!” Mahoney says, “And they aren’t just saying that because they’re desperately needing a job, they literally have a passion for our type of atmosphere. Some even watch our streamers and pray they get selected. These people have a drive and dedication every STEAM employer is seeking.”

So what is it about TheGeekGrid Studios that makes this generation so intrigued with it?

“The passion for STEAM.” Mahoney said, “These students are born into the age of video games, Dungeons & Dragons, Science Fiction, Anime and Comics. They are Scientists, Engineers, Technologists, Game Developers, Artists, Makers, and Creative Thinkers that have a passion for the industry and they want careers that drive the same sense of adventure and excitement in their lives as the geek entertainment that inspired them to become what they are.” she said.

Mahoney says that the business, as well as the area, will grow when people love being here and for this generation, it’s knowing what they love. “When we don’t offer employees or students a place they can relate to, they will continue to stay endulged in their fantasies, struggle with their mental health, and unmotivated to move forward in a company, more or less volunteer to a non-profit.” So the wheel spins in a cycle on the same track, but TheGeekGrid Studios wants to remove the track and bring a totally new way of thinking to PA STEAM businesses.

You can find out more about how TheGeekGrid Studios motivates and inspires both STEAM careers, education, and closes the skills gap by attending the annual STEAM21 Dinner held April 24th 6pm-9pm EDT, hosted by TheGeekGrid Studios, ArtsQuest, and East Penn Chamber of Commerce.

Visit to register. Seats are limited.

About TheGeekGrid Studios
TheGeekGrid Studios is a STEAM Content Creation, Events, and Career Skills Firm focusing on bringing Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Makers, and Video Games to Businesses and the Community.

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