YES-CLOSE TO THE EDGE 50TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR – Review & Photographs by Diane Fleischman

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Review & Photographs by Diane Fleischman

Yes fans, old and new, filled the Wind Creek Event Center Friday night for a sold-out performance celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the album, ‘Close to the Edge’.  And this was a show worth waiting for.
The legendary band, Yes, formed towards the end of the 1960’s, at a time when the genre of Progressive Rock began. Yes became famously known for their lengthy songs that defied radio station standards, wistful and fantasy lyrics, and musicianship that just wasn’t present in any other band.  In their years of band history, there have been 19 different full-time band members.
Jon Davison, lead vocals, joined the band in 2012. With astonishing vocals, one could close their eyes and swear it was original frontman, Jon Anderson, singing. Steve Howe remains as the only original band member.
The show kicked off with “On the Silent Wings of Freedom”, followed by “Yours Is No Disgrace”, which brought the crowd on their feet. The set included “Wonderous Stories”, where Howe started on a 12 string Portuguese guitar and ended on an electric guitar. To say Howe is an extraordinary guitarist is an understatement. It was said, give this man anything with strings and a fret board, and he will play it.  With a recent album out, ‘The Quest’, two new songs were introduced “The Ice Bridge” and “Dare to Know”.
There was a brief intermission, and the band got down to the matter at hand, “Close to The Edge'”.  Intertwined within the song was “I Get Up, I Get Down”. What seemed to be the crowd favorites followed with “And You and I”, and “Siberian Khatru”.
Yes returned for an encore, “Roundabout”, which brought everyone to their feet, and the set closed with “Starship Trooper.”
What lies ahead for Yes?  In 2023, the band will embark on a tour featuring their 1974 release, ‘Relayer’ played in its entirety.